Top Ten Faves April 2017

For my first post to this blog, I’m diving in at the deep end and getting straight to a rundown of my top ten fave products in beauty and skincare right now.

Soap and Glory Glow Job


This stuff packs some serious glow compared to other tinted moisturisers I’ve used. It doesn’t give any coverage so I tend to use this with a dab of concealer on good skin days but I don’t think it could replace foundation in my everyday makeup. It’ll go in my suitcase for holidays though!

Great for: Getting that daily glow or foundation-free days
Buy it from: Boots
Price tag: Mid-priced, £11 but I got it on a 3 for 2 offer

Avon Vitale 25+ Creams


Being super short with a youthful face that could easily pass for a teenager on a good day, I always feel like my skin is the one thing that shows my age. I’m a fan of Avon skincare but these creams were my first venture into an anti-ageing product. I use both the night cream and the day cream together with the eye gel cream and, while it’s no magic line-vanishing potion, I do feel like it helps smooth my complexion and blurs my pores.

I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone lucky enough to be under twenty-five, but Avon also do a great range of Natural Effects creams for various skin types that are much cheaper too if you’re just looking for hydration.

Great for: Anti aging for 25+
Buy it from: Avon or your local rep
Price tag: Mid-priced if you pick them up on offer, can be pricey otherwise


Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Palette


I’ll let you in on a little secret: an incident of over-plucking has left my once-bushy brows in a sorry state. Like practically non-existent at the ends without a solid bit of pencilling.  I wasn’t sure if filling them in with powder would work for me  but I picked up this handy Makeup Revolution set in my local Superdrug.

At about the cost of one of their eyeshadow palettes, it’s more than what I’d usually spend on my brows but in the interests of actually having eyebrows again, it felt like a justified purchase. Plus, you get everything you need for a top brow game all in one kit so I can see this being a great travel option.

The mini tweezers and brushes included aren’t much good and will likely end up in the bin but the choice of powders, wax and highlighter make this brow set worth it.

Great for: All-in-one brow grooming
Buy it from: Superdrug
Price tag: Mid-priced at around £8

Barry M Matte Topcoat


I usually stick to glossy nails and haven’t really embraced the matte finish but the idea of just having to add a coat of this stuff to any existing polish appealed to me as a great advantage over buying matte polishes. It does what it says and actually made my nail polish application look a bit smoother since it tends to be messy.

I would recommend reapplying another coat after a few days as the matte effect can fade but that’s not really a problem since it dries quick.

Great for: A quick change on shiny nails
Buy it from: Boots
Price tag: Budget, £2.99

Liquid lipsticks


How have I lived without these products for so long? I recently picked up a Collection liquid lipstick as a free gift in Boots and now I’m addicted. The product dries perfectly on the lips and leaves a long-lasting lip stain without looking too drying.

Great for: Transfer-proof matte lips
Buy it from: All makeup stores
Price tag: Varied

Banana powder


Another recent find. I’m using the W7 Banana Dreams powder which is a budget alternative that still gives great results. I put this on top of my makeup sometimes instead of a finishing powder and find that it sits really well on my face without making it look too yellow.

Great for: That finising look
Buy it from: Amazon, W7 stockists
Price tag: Budget range

The Bodyshop Rainforest Coconut Oil


Admittedly, this is the first coconut oil I’ve tried so I can’t comment on how this Bodyshop oil compares to other brands on the market. Designed for the hair, Rainforest Coconut Oil works well when coated over the ends and left to absorb for a few hours or overnight. I remove it by working shampoo into my hair before I rinse. The result is a soft and shiny mane!

Great for: Treating tired hair
Buy it from: The Bodyshop
Price tag: Mid-priced, I picked mine up for £7 with a 30% discount

Boots Curl Creme and VO5 Smoothly Does it Curl Defining Mousse


I’m cheating a bit and putting two products together here, since they do the same thing and I use them together. I have the kind of hair that does what it wants so when I wash it, I run the Boots creme over damp hair and finish with the mousse. The result is something that at least resembles a defined curl and not a tangled mess on my head.

Great for: Defining my curls
Buy it from: Boots
Price tag: Budget

Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges


Like every beauty lover on the planet, I’m a fan of Real Techniques brushes and have several in my collection but my first thought when I found this little sponges was ‘Why don’t I know about these?’

My clumsy, messy makeup skills are no longer a problem with these in the toolbox. They work well slightly damp to remove smudged eye makeup and the all-too-familiar mascara mishap without wiping off all your hard work.

Great for: Correcting makeup mistakeas quickly
Buy it from: Superdrug
Price tag: Budget

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette


It’s only fair I mention this eyeshadow find since it’s the inspiration behind naming my blog Beauty Siren!

When it comes to eyeshadows, I adore colour but I know what suits me and I tend to shy away from the neon pinks and baby blue shades of my teenage years. This palette offers 32 mermaid-inspired shimmer shades. And the great thing about it is that, while it gives great colour choice and high pigmentation, none of the colours are that eye-glaring bright that should only exist in vague memories of your 13th birthday party.

Great for: Experiementing with new colours
Buy it from: Superdrug
Price tag: Budget, around £8

I hope you liked my first post!

Siren x

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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