Barry M Molten Metals Review

I wasn’t sure about doing a nail polish review since I wear false nails anyway but I was too excited about these Barry M metallic polishes to keep quiet!

Barry M Molten Metals currently comes in nine shades and I tried out four of the newer additions to the collection.

Copper Mine


This shimmering bronze nail polish was the first one I tried having spotted it in my local Boots store. Having a colour like this on your nails is a great way to rock the bronze trend without it being too much and it’s a really striking colour that you don’t see everywhere.

Black Diamond


There’s something I don’t like about black nail polish. I think it reminds me of the teenage goth phase. But on a Hen Party recently with an all-black dress code, I decided my nails must follow suit. Two coats of this and I loved black polish again. I think it’s the gold shimmer tone that gives this colour the edge and I’ll definitely wear this again.

Pink Ice


I really wanted to love this colour. It’s a subtle rose-gold-tinted polish that’s probably the most spring-worthy look of all the colours I tried but I think I just like my nails to be a bit more daring.

Blue Glacier


I loved the way this shimmering silver-blue colour looked when applied in a single coat but it was too thin and I had to go over it again, getting the deeper ice-blue shimmer. It’s an unusual colour and I can definitely see it making an appearance at any ice-themed costume events as well as everyday wear but, for spring, shimmering ice nails just aren’t for me.

Overall: Barry M Molten Metals applies thin but dries quick so it’s easy to build up the shimmer you want. I didn’t have any problems with chipped polish but applying a top coat will make your shimmer last even longer!

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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