Tam Beauty Haul and Mystery Bag Reveal

Despite loving Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup and Freedom products found in Superdrug, I’ve never ordered anything direct from the Tam Beauty website and was swayed by their mystery bag promotion, adding a free goodie bag of mystery beauty products to all orders over £30. If you want me to buy anything, telling me I’m getting something free is always the way to go.

What I bought and first impressions:


I’ve developed a habit for collecting eyeshadow palettes and Makeup Revolution have proved themselves as a firm favourite when it comes to affordable palettes.

I decided to try out Tam Beauty’s other brands, picking up the Freedom Pro Artist Pad Extreme Vice and the I Heart Makeup Naked Underneath Faux Fur Palette

First impressions are that I’m delighted with the colours in both palettes. The Freedom Pro Artist Pad comes with a leopard print flip cover that resembles an iPad case. I thought I’d love this packaging but it’s awful and feels flimsy. Hopefully the colours will keep me impressed but I did only pay £7.50 for this massive palette.


I actually picked up two other palettes than the ones shown but I’m going to be using those for a giveaway coming up in the future!

I also got the Free From Frizz Try Me Smoothie Kit as I love frizz-taming hair products but I wasn’t sure what to get and the Freedom Pro Glow in Purr.

I wasn’t overly excited by the rest of the website’s selection but I did see they have some SFX makeup and picked up the Freedom Liquid Latex and Freedom Fake Blood. I love costume makeup and can’t wait to make this more of a feature on my blog!

In the mystery bag:


Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick- it eats you up
Makeup Revolution Salivation Palette- Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Makeup Revolution The One Foundation in shade 10
Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in You Took My Love
Makeup Revolution Blush in Treat
Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick in Dream
Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadow in Black Heart
Makeup Revolution Nail Polish x 2
Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in Didn’t I Tell You?

I can’t find most of these on the Tam Beauty website so I presume they’re old stock but I’m happy with the contents overall. I especially love the eyeshadow palette as I had considered buying it myself.

The three lip products- a lip lacquer and two lipsticks are all quite a similar bright pink colour which I don’t dislike but I’m not sure I’ll use all of them. I’m not entirely sold on the foundation either as I don’t personally like the idea of including products like this that can vary so much. The shade isn’t too bad on my skin tone but the foundation itself is a really thin liquid so I’ll have to try it out more.

I like the blush products I received though I haven’t used the cream stick yet as I’m not sure how the pale colour will look on me. The powder blush is gorgeous and will definitely get some use.

I probably won’t use the single eyeshadow I got as it’s an off-black shade that I already have in almost every palette I own and rarely use for everyday wear. The large pan size does mean I could possibly get some use out of it for costume makeup where I need to apply large amounts of colour though.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. I’m in the process of packing to move house so most of my stuff is packed up in boxes. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to a regular posting schedule when everything is sorted!


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