My Blogging Goals August 2017

Okay, I don’t expect to achieve everything on this list in just a month, especially with my new job and house move but the 1st of August seemed a great time to start setting myself some goals when it comes to growing my blog.

blog goals

  1. Get Instagram 
    I do have a personal account that I hardly use so I’m considering adapting that or starting a new one just for my beauty posts.
  2. Take better photographs
    I’m not planning on investing in expensive equipment just yet but I think it’s time to start upping my game when it comes to images, just with better lighting and props/backgrounds etc. would be a start.
  3. Start a blogging schedule
    Sticking to regular posting days/times hasn’t been an option with how busy I’ve been recently but I think it will help improve engagement with you guys and help grow my blog.
  4. Make costume makeup a feature on my blog
    All my posts so far have been about my everyday looks but I really want to expand that and feature my cosplay makeup and inspired looks as part of my blog too.
  5. Grow my following and host a giveaway
    I’m excited to do my first giveaway and have already started saving products for it!

Have you set yourself any goals this month? x









Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

8 thoughts

  1. great goals! a schedule really helps! if you don’t have much time then write a couple up when you have some time and schedule them! amazing post, my main goal for this month is to build and take part in blogging communities and make friends! great post x

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