Full Face Products I Don’t Like & Tips for Using Products

We all know the disappointment of trying out a product and not liking it, or finding that something you used to love just isn’t as amazing as you thought it was.

I’ve seen YouTube videos of people doing a full face of disliked makeup and have adapted the idea so you can see how I try and save products from ending up in the bin!

Makeup I don't like

I did my brows first, lightly filling them in as I already had NYX brow gel on from yesterday. The product I chose was Barry M It’s A Brow Thing! in medium. This is a brow powder with a sponge tip applicator. The colour is perfect for me but I don’t get on with this applicator and find it works best using it with another product. I set my brows with a Collection Clear Mascara, which I hated as a mascara but it works okay as a brow gel!

For my eyes, I chose two single shadows I don’t like: the e.l.f. Molten Liquid Eyeshadow in brushed copper, which came last in my testing copper eyeshadows post, and the MUA Mono Eyeshadow in Golden. I combined these with my 35B (Morphe-type) palette from Amazon, using a matte taupe to set my lids before using the e.l.f. liquid shadow on my entire lid and packing the MUA colour into the inner corners. I filled in the outer corners with a shimmery bronze from the palette and blended with a fluffy brush. Blending with powder shadows makes the e.l.f. product much more usable!


For eyeliners, I used a Helen E pencil liner in soft black and did my top wing with the L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. I used to love this liner for how easy it is to work with but I’ve since realised it fades too quickly and looks a murky grey colour by the end of the day.

I opted for the Dior Diorshow Pump n Volume Mascara, which has been disappointing for me as one of my first high-end purchases. It can look amazing if I get the application right but usually it just looks clumpy! It helps to curl the lashes first and I combed mine through to get rid of the clumps.

I primed my face with the Revlon Photoready Primer. The reason I dislike this is mostly because of the packaging and the stiff pump mechanism that usually leaves bits of dried primer in the nozzle whenever I try to use it! I used a brush to pat this on my face to try and avoid the lumps.

For foundation, I mixed two L’Oreal products that I actually do like but don’t use often. The L’Oreal True Match is a liquid glow foundation that I love but have a shade that’s a tad too dark. I blended this with L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover in a lighter shade. This is a thick, high-coverage foundation that I mostly only use for costume makeup but the two mix well together.

I concealed with a palette from the brand LaRoc. Again, this mostly only gets use for my costumes as there’s tons of great shades but I find cream concealers difficult to blend. If I pat this in with my fingers rather than trying to use a bush, it works a lot better.


I’m not a lover of contour but I chose my Collection Contour Palette. I find the highlight too subtle for me and the contour shade makes me look muddy so I used a setting powder by Max Factor after applying this and blended it all in with a stippling blush to soften the look. I also used a tiny amount of the MUA Blush Cream Colour Duo in Revel. This is an awful product that I’ll probably ending up throwing away but it’s okay if used sparingly. Or for costume makeup maybe if I need to paint my face pink!

The Max Factor Loose Powder is really good but I don’t like the packaging and never used the powder puff it comes with. I dipped my setting brush straight in to the loose powder to dust this over my face. I finished my face makeup with another old favourite I no longer reach for, the W7 Banana Dreams powder.

I had a lot of choice when it came to lipsticks I rarely use but the obvious candidate was the Max Factor Lipfinity, which is like a liquid lipstick and a setting balm. I have no idea what shade I have since it’s not written on the packaging but the colour was too dark for me. I got around this with the MUA Lip Transformer, using the lightening shade to soften the colour.

Here’s how it all looked. Since the face makeup was a little cakey, I also applied Makeup Revolution Setting Spray.


Have you got any tips for using up products? x

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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  1. It’s such a shame you don’t like the L’Oréal Super Slim – I love it! Maybe you got a bad one. I recently included it in my Holy Grail Products list because it’s such a staple product for me xx

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