Mixed Up Makeup Brushes Challenge

Following the recent makeup challenges I’ve done (mixed up makeup challenge and £20 full face challenge), I decided to give this challenge where you swap your brushes round a go!

I used random.org to select which brushes to use for what out of the below selection (I substituted some of my faves with cheaper alternatives in case I ruined them).

Mixed up makeup brush challenge

First up eyebrows and the brush I got for this was a fluffy brush I’d usually use for eyeshadow (Ovonni angled fluffy brush). This brush is obviously way too big to get precise brows and they did end up looking rather exaggerated and messy!

I then had to use a brow brush to do my eyeshadow crease shade which turned out better than expected using the Jack Wills flat eyebrow brush and Morphe 25F Palette with a matte warm brown shade. Moving on to my main lid shadow, I had to apply a shimmer shade with an Ovonni powder brush, which was a nightmare!

Mascara is what I was most concerned about since it’s surely impossible to apply it with anything other than a mascara wand or spoolie but I got fingers which is probably the second best option. I just rubbed mascara on my finger and kind of blinked onto it to get some product. Not too bad!

Now for my face, I usually apply primer with my fingers but this time I had to do it with a setting brush. I didn’t want to ruin my baby Real Techniques setting brush so I used a cheap medium fluffy brush that I usually use for concealer and it worked pretty well.

I was happy to get stippling brush for foundation, though I usually use a sponge. I used the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation though which is so thick and heavy, it was difficult to blend with a brush and did look a bit cakey.

I applied Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer under my eyes with the selected crease brush which was a small Spectrum brush. This turned out okay though it did just add to the cakiness of my face!

Blush was another worry since I got lip brush to apply it with! I don’t usually use a lip brush at all but I thought it would be fun to include it in this challenge and tried my best to blend my Sleek Blush in rose gold with the Ovonni lip brush.

I usually go for a stippling blush when it comes to applying bronzer but I think I got the most challenging of all trying to apply it with a spoolie! I used the Bourjois bronzer and a disposable mascara want to do the job (or not!)

For highlight, I usually use a triangular Real Techniques concealer brush which luckily is the brush that was picked for me so no issues there! I used the cream shade from the Sleek Solstice palette and, despite using my regular brush, it didn’t apply nicely over my foundation.

When I got foundation sponge to apply powder, I opted for a L’Oreal sponge rather than risk damaging my Real Techniques sponge and it actually wasn’t so bad at applying my Avon Magix HD Finishing Powder.

The final thing was lipstick and the only brush left was a small power brush I usually use to apply blusher. I used the applicator on the L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in hollywood beige to apply and then tried to blend it over my lips with the powder brush, which wasn’t as bad as I’d thought.

Here’s how I did: not too bad except for the lack of blending and huge eyebrows!

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