Vanity Tour and Makeup Storage

I love watching vanity/dressing table tours on YouTube and reading about how other beauty junkies store their stash. I’ve had this Ikea dressing table way too long without sharing this kind of post so here it is!


My dressing table is the Ikea BRIMNES, which comes as a dressing table and 2 drawers that you can buy separately.


On the left I have an acrylic drawer set with my lipsticks and the makeup I’m currently using most. Next to that, I have a little box with my setting sprays and some bits and pieces in, a notebook and my brush cleaning supplies. My brushes are in the holder on the right and I also have a pot containing products I don’t like/don’t use much to try and use them up before I toss them. On the far right, I have another organiser with my perfumes and hair products and then a holder for my liquid lipsticks.


Starting on the left, this is the top of my acrylic drawers containing a couple of foundations, concealers, primers, a few eye products and some lipsticks. I also have eyeliners and powders in the drawers to use up.

2017-08-20 17.30.01

The drawer on the left of the dressing table contains my eyeliners, powders, bronzers, blushes and loose eye products like primers and single shadows.

The central part of the table opens up to reveal a mirror and some more storage compartments, which is where I store my mascaras at the back, eyebrow products at the front and foundations and concealers on the right.


So on top of the chest of drawers on the right, I’ve got my brushes stored in this Zoeva holder and a pot of products heading for the bin.


My drawer organiser contains hair products like serum, dry shampoo and curling mousse as well as a few perfumes, my face primers and some chapsticks and lip products.


The little drawers underneath have some samples in, hair stuff like clips and nail bits like files and scissors.


This cute heart-shaped pot is from Primark and holds my liquid lipsticks and lip liners.


In the empty compartment above the chest of drawers, I have two trays like this, one with skincare in one side and tools like tweezers and an eyelash curler in the other. I forgot to get a picture of the other tray but it holds my makeup sponges and some little stickers and props for pictures.


I’ve got a plastic holder next to the trays which stores my glitters and some spare makeup bags at also pushed into the gap at the back.

2017-08-20 17.32.59

On to the drawers! The top one has another makeup organiser insider which holds all my nail polishers and false nails along with blush and contour palettes and some highlighting products. The tray at the front holds costume makeup and accessories like sponges and glue. I’ve got another lipstick holder in the gap at the side and some bits like wipes and suncream.


The bottom drawer is my favourite despite the lack of organisation! This drawer is home to my eyeshadow palettes. I might do a separate post on palettes since I seem to have a bit of a problem on my hands…

So that’s everything! I do also have a bag of products I haven’t opened yet and a tin where I’m collecting giveaway products that I forgot to photograph.

I think I’ll probably do anther post on my eyeshadow collection as it’s getting a bit out of hand! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in more detail!

Links to storage used:

Ikea BRIMNES, acrylic storage drawers, acrylic storage topper, makeup brush holder, white drawer organiser

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  1. I love looking at how others store their make up too! I really like your dressing table, i just wish i had space in my own room for one. Btw you have a beautiful collection of glitters!! X

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