Real Techniques Illuminate + Accentuate Set

I did only just pick up this set in my local Superdrug but I wanted to share it with you beauties as it’s currently on offer for £25!


The set comes with 5 brushes, along with their standard miracle complexion sponge and a mini miracle eraser sponge. I do already have backups of both these sponges in my collection but, for the price, it works out at £5 per brush and the sponges are free!

The brushes included in the set are the following:

Bronzer brush

This looks like a large stippling brush. I use their standard stippling brush to bronze with currently so I think I’ll like this. On first impressions, I thought it might pick up too much product but the dense dual bristles blend bronzer perfectly!

Contour brush

I compared this to their standard orange contour brush from the core collection and there’s not much difference but my original is losing its shape a little now and this feels much softer! I use the normal one for highlight so I probably will with this too.

Domed shadow brush

This is ideal for placing shadow all over the lid. I don’t actually have an eye brush like this so it’s a nice addition to my collection.

Shading brush

This is a smaller brush designed for maximum colour pickup and even colour distribution. I used it to apply colour precisely in my crease and it worked amazingly for that but I’m sure it has its other uses!

Smudge brush

This is a shorter, denser brush meant to smudge colour on the lash line. I don’t use this type of brush often so I didn’t get on too well with on my first attempt. I do think it’s handy to have something like this in your collection though!

Overall, I’m really impressed with this set for the price I paid. The packaging is stunning and the quality is what you can expect from Real Techniques. If you already have brushes like this in your collection or even other versions from RT, you don’t need this set but it is pretty and well worth picking up if you can get it on offer. If you’ve never tried Real Techniques brushes before, this is a great set to get started with! 

What’s your favourite Real Techniques brush? x


Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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