Palette of the Week #3: Morphe 39A Dare to Create

Today’s post is my third palette of the week and a mini review of the Morphe 39A Dare to Create palette from their Christmas collection. I previously did a festive elf inspired makeup look using this palette here.


So, it’s impossible to do this review without mentioning size because this palette is bloody huge! The pic below shows how it looks next to other standard makeup bag products but I realised I should also have compared it to the original Morphe palettes so you could see what I mean!

It comes in sleek black cardboard packaging with gold detailing and with Morphe’s new branding (which I love!). For a palette of this size, I would kind of hope for a mirror but then again, I would never travel with this as it would just be too bulky.


I feel like the diversity of colours is a step in the right direction for Morphe as some of their palettes of the same repeated mud tones just don’t interest me. That said, even with a broader colour spectrum, there are still plenty of similar-looking dull browns.

The middle row of 7 transition shades are double the size, which I like because these tend to be the most used shades and it also makes them suitable to use for contour etc. But then, the palette also includes a fair few brown tones in the smaller size pans too so I feel like some of these could have combined.

This is called the Dare to Create palette and I think that’s an appropriate name as there are tons of looks you can do with this. The mix of mattes and shimmers is great and there are some really unusual colours that I don’t have elsewhere in my collection.

Overall, I think this is palette is best used for special occasions or when I want a really creative look rather than as an everyday palette but it does make me excited to see what else Morphe bring out next!

Example looks:




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