Palette of the Week #4: ColourPop Yes, Please!

We’ve made it to week four of my palette project! This week, I was using the ColourPop Yes, Please! palette.

When I first added this to my collection, I knew I didn’t really need it. The shades are all beautiful warm tones with that stunning bright pop, but I could probably dupe most of these colours with other palettes. Who wants to do that though when all the pretty warm tomes I’ll need are here in one? And when this palette was discounted from $16 to $12, I put in a ColourPop order.

It’s worth noting that, while $12 is around £8.50 in the UK, making this an extremely reasonable price, the extra customs fees to get it here add about another £3 on top of the price.

I won’t do a full review on this since there’s tons of those all over the internet. I’m just going to talk about how well it performed for me over the week and give you my thoughts.


First of all, I’m really happy to see that warm-toned brown I like to use in my crease. I’m always in a rush to do my makeup so I often just went with this and one of the shimmers on my lid. What I’m most impressed about, though, is how versatile the matte shades are. If you’re not a big fan of shimmers or prefer to use mattes for everyday makeup, I think you’ll love this.

Overall, I was really impressed with this palette. I hadn’t really reached for it since purchasing and I’m not sure why. The colours are very me and it’s compact for travelling, though I’m not sure how well that cardboard packaging would fare.

I said earlier that I already knew warm shades aren’t what my collection is crying out for, but I think this palette is unique enough to justify its place. A definite keeper for me!

Have you tried this out? x

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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