Full Face of Last Chance Products

I first saw this over on Hollife’s YouTube channel here and thought it was a good idea to finally try out all that makeup that keeps avoiding declutters because I need to give it that one last chance.

I didn’t have an exact ‘one last chance’ product for every category but I’ve tried to use the things that haven’t worked out for me in the past for whatever reason to see if they can survive the declutter!


Primer: MUA Pro Base

This is a balm that I can never really tell what it’s doing for my skin. It doesn’t make my makeup look bad though, I just can’t really decide what it does.

Verdit? I’ll use this up

Foundation: Essence Camouflage foundation shade Ivory Beige

I’ve only tried this on my face once in my full face of Essence cosmetics posts and I wasn’t overly keen. I did like it better on the second try. It comes out of the tube with a weird greyish tint that looks too pale for me but I did notice some oxidisation going on which helped with the shade match. This is meant to be full coverage but I found I had to build it up to get a coverage I’d consider full and then it ended up looking a bit on the cakey side.

Verdict? I’ll try to use this up but it might fall into a declutter pile…

Powder: Essence Highlighter in Let it Glow

I know. This is supposedly a highlight but it’s just not. It’s more like a glowy face powder and it does an okay job if you like that illuminating power look. Trouble is I’m not really fan of that look…

Verdict? I feel like I need to give this another try but I never will. Into the declutter!


Contour: Seventeen Define & Contour

Let’s be honest, how many times have you ever seen me talking about contour on my blog? When I’m in the mood for contour, I always use my NYX palette or a cream product like my Revlon foundation stick so this poor product barely gets any love. I don’t like the lighter power and the darker power just looks a bit muddy on me.

Verdict? I should keep trying but I know I won’t so another declutter!

Bronzer: Freedom Pro Glow Purr

To be fair, I’m not sure if this is an bronzer or an illuminating powder or what but it applies quite dark so I used it to add some colour to my face. It’s nice but I’m not sure I’ll be reaching for it much.

Verdict? Keeping for now

Highlight: PS…Pure Glow Highlighter

This is just not my kind of highlight. It’s quite powdery and looks too subtle on the skin.

Verdict? I’m keeping for now for comparisons etc. but I imagine it will end up delucttered soon

Blush: PS…Chocolate Cheek Palette

I also used a tiny bit of the highlight from this palette. It comes with four powders- a bronzer, highlight and two blushes. The blush shades are quite nice but I find the heart-shaped pans difficult to pick up product on my brush. I don’t like the highlight or bronzer so I think this is a depot option.

Verdict? This one probably needs another chance but I think the blushes should be depotted to avoid the cut

Brows: Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade shade Caramel Brown & New Look Brush on Brows shade Dark Brown

These two brow products actually worked together really well. I got the pomade in a free mystery bag and used it to test how I got on with pomades before splashing out on the ABH classic. The shade is slightly too light for me but it’s not a bad product. The New Look brow gel came off really dark last time I tried to use it but it worked better over the pomade.

Verdict? I’m keeping them both for now but not really focusing on using up- pomades dry out quick and I’d rather get my expensive ABH one used up first!

Eyes: Maybelline Single Eyeshadow Copper Fizz & ColourPop Supershook shadow Donna

First of all, neither of these products are on their last chance but I never really use either of them. I’d forgotten how pretty and foiled the Maybelline shadow is but it needs to be depotted to stand any chance of survival in my competitive collection. Donna is a beautiful deep green shade that I never wear so I wanted to try it smudged on my lash line- very pretty!

Verdict? These products aren’t going anywhere but the Maybelline needs depotting


Mascara: L’Oreal Miss Hippie Mascara

I have the waterproof version of this because I like to have one waterproof option on rotation so I’m not sure if it’s just this formula but I don’t like this. It’s wet and clumpy all at the same time in that ‘makes my lashes stick together in a big unflattering mess’ kind of way. It just takes way too much effort to make it look nice- nobody has time for that!

Verdict? Into the declutter pile!

Lips: ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Bare Necessities

This pinky nude looks quite orange-toned on me. At first I thought it really didn’t suit me but I actually didn’t mind it after a while. I don’t really have any colours like this so it’s probably worth keeping but only for certain looks.

Verdict: Try to use up


What do you think to these products? Do you have makeup that’s on its last chance? x


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