No Buy July

There comes a time in life when you’re stacking highlighters up, desperately trying to fit them in your drawer and you’re constantly scattering lipsticks in handbags to make room for yet another pinky nude shade in your lipstick storage. This is the time to step back and re-evaluate what exactly you’re doing and how you’re ever going to get close to using your makeup up if all you do is buy more every single month…


I think I’m pretty savvy with my makeup purchases and I always hunt out bargains so it’s not necessarily a financial decision to go for a no buy this month, but July is a busy one for me and I know funds are needed elsewhere.

The big point for me though is the sheer amount of products I have to get through. With the breakouts I’ve been getting recently, I’m trying to be conscious of what products I’m putting on my skin and part of that comes with realising that products have expiry dates and it just isn’t possible to use everything up before they’re no longer usable.

The only way I’m ever going to use my collection up is if I stop buying at the rate I have been doing and focus on getting stuff used up.

I wrote some tips on surviving a no buy a while back but this is actually the first one I will be attempting myself! Content updates will probably still be slow due to my general busyness but I have plenty of unreviewed products to post and a couple of upcoming pre-July hauls.

Wish me luck! Have you tried a no buy before? Let me know how you got on! x

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

2 thoughts

  1. I’ve considered a no buy, but it tends to turn into a ‘minimal buy’ lol! I totally get where you’re coming from though, I often see new make up and skin care items that I really want to try, but know if I do I’ll never get through what I already have. Glad I’m not alone! x

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