Beauty Brands I Wish Were Easier to get in the UK

With wet n wild (finally) launching on Beauty Bay, I got thinking about other brands that aren’t so easy to get hold of in the UK.


Available in other parts of Europe, I’ve heard good things about this affordable brand but I’m yet to find any UK stockists.


ColourPop makes some amazing products and they release new stuff literally all the time. My abandon cart rate must be ridiculous on their website as I’m forever adding things and never purchasing because I know that I’ll end up with a hefty customs bill.

In the UK, Royal Mail charges an £8 handling fee on top of the customs fee (which I think is 20% of the value, like VAT) so I’ve been hit with £20+ to pay on previous orders, making another affordable brand pretty expensive!

Physician’s Formula

The things I do own from PF were purchased from the US Amazon, as that actually worked out cheaper than UK Amazon even with customs charges on top! (Amazon work this out for you so I didn’t get any nasty surprises like with ColourPop.)


I just wish we had Sephora stores here in the UK but it would also be nice to be able to try out the Sephora brand stuff. Sephora recently decided to block UK customers from the US website and redirect us to the French site which is a controversial decision that just puts me off them to be honest…

What brands do you wish were easier to get hold of?

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

6 thoughts

  1. I wish things were a bit easier for us in Canada as well. I know it might seem weird, with us right there at the border, but with Trump putting major restrictions on Nafta, getting things imported is a hassle. Anything over $25 will cost you about $80 after shipping, taxes and duty. Most sites have a limit of purchase for lower shipping rates too.

    We are lucky enough to have our own Sephora though. We can’t get some products because of ingredient restrictions, but that is no biggy.

    I would love to try ColourPop and Catrice as well. I wish we got the Wet n Wild Limited Edition Collections, but only the more general consumer ones get to Canada(like Flights of Fancy), we don’t get any of the “out there” collections in the stores.

    I am hoping that we will get Flower Beauty up here soon. I have managed to snag some products, but from an unreliable source. No access to new releases.

    It is always interesting to me what you can get were. That Is why I don’t mind following blogs from other countries, it makes the posts so interesting.

    I really should try to share more of the companies that are based out of Canada.

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      1. I’ve managed to get a few items from the Flower Beauty line, at a store owned by the states that is along the border here in canada. I have liked them all(have tried 3 so far), but wish I could try the newer releases.

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  2. It annoys me that not everyone can get the same things in such a global market, it is mad. I will have to go and check out flower beauty, I love looking at new brands. Thanks for stopping by


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