Makeup Breakups: Products I’ve Fallen out of Love with

It happens. Sometimes those products that were our favourites, our most-used, our holy grail products are somehow no longer working. It’s not them, it’s you. You’ve found something better or you’ve realised that they were never right for you in the first place.

All of these products are former favourites that I’ve fallen out of love with.

MB 01

ColourPop Supershock Shadows

I feel like the ones I have left in my collection have dried up a lot which probably doesn’t help since the big appeal of these was that they’re a squishy cream-powder hybrid pot of shimmery goodness. I loved these because I hadn’t tried anything else like them but now I have so many amazing palettes, I rarely reach for single shadows at all and these poor beauties have been left to dry up.

mb 02

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

In fairness to this cult classic mascara, I think this is a slightly different formula to the one I fell in love with. I picked it up in an extra black variant or something so I don’t know if it’s that but it just doesn’t do much for my lashes at all compared to other mascaras I love.

Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation

I used to love this stuff and picked up a backup when I heard it was being discontinued. I applied it the other day and it still smells amazing like all Rimmel foundations and I actually quite like the pot packaging but it just doesn’t compare to my favourite foundations anymore. It’s light coverage which I don’t mind but it kind of looks heavy and foundation-like on my face, something I’d expect only high coverage foundations to do.

mb 03

New Look Lipsticks

It looks like highstreet clothing store New Look have discontinued their entire makeup range which is a shame because I remember really liking these lipsticks. I decluttered one recently because I’d broken the packaging and it also looked like mould was forming on the lipstick itself. The one I kept is now going the same way so I definitely don’t want this going near my lips!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

I feel bad for including two ColourPop products but I’ve just gone off matte liquid lipsticks in general and these are on the more drying side. I hadn’t tried anything like these when I got them but I’ve found I now have other lipsticks in my collection that are more comfortable to wear and still last just as long.

There we have it. My list of former loves that now just don’t work for me anymore. What have you fallen out of love with recently and why? Let me know in the comments!

Amber x

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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  1. I like this series, I usually throw the makeup products I fall out of love with but I think I’ll do a post about them! I am shocked that you mentioned Colourpop, I really love their products, I haven’t tried their supershock shadows though

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