Product Empties #16 December 2018

My last 2018 empties post! December for me is definitely the time to focus on clearing out and using up as much as possible to make room for all the new Christmas goodies.



L’Oreal Paradise Ecstatic Mascara

Compared to other mascaras I currently have open, this one was no longer performing as it used to, which I think is what happened last time I used this mascara. I still love the effect of this one but it’s worth bearing in mind that it doesn’t seem to last very long.

Repurchase? Probably, but not right now

Freedom Duo Brow Powder

I decided to toss the remaining product in here. I have hit pan and got plenty of use from this but its pretty old now and the texture looks a little off.

Repurchase? Can’t

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Another product I decided to give up on is my ABH pomade. I’ve had this over a year now and the consistency had surprisingly not dried up but gone kind of soft and moussey and no longer stayed put on my brows even when I could make it work.

Repurchase? Maybe but I do have cheaper options I like too

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

I broke the last bit of product in here and tried to fix it but it’s sadly not the same anymore so I think it’s another one for the bin.

Repurchase? Not for its retail price of more than £30, no…

Max Factor Xtreme Waterproof Liner Metallic Liner

This liquid liner had gone quite watery and off-pigment and I never used it so time to toss it!

Repurchase? No

Skin79 BB Cream Gold

I bought the sample pack of these to check which shade was for me and I liked the gold best. Really love this stuff!

Repurchase? Already bought the full size!



Pixi Glow Tonic

I repurchased this bottle after an unconvincing first impression of this stuff and I really do enjoy the difference it makes to my skin now. I’m using the Retinol Tonic at the moment and I like that one too.

Repurchase? Already have

Superdrug Vitamin C Skin Booster

I loved this stuff! It was great for mixing in with other products as well as using on its own like a serum.

Repurchase? Yes when I’ve used up some more serums

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover

This is possibly the best eye makeup remover I’ve tried as it wipes makeup away without irritation, doesn’t dry my eyes out and gets along fine with my contact lenses. The full-size costs £23 though so I’m not sure I’ll be repurchasing.

Repurchase? I have another mini to use

Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask

I got this in the Look Fantastic x Clinique box and it was nice to use before makeup on a morning or before a night out but nothing that really wowed me.

Repurchase? No, but would use again

Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

This product is essentially a toner, and one I enjoyed using in the summer months but I’ve just had a tiny bit to finish up and don’t have a set place for it in my winter skincare routine. I put it in a spray bottle and used it as a quick spritz but it wasn’t really needed.

Repurchase? Maybe

Avon Lift & Firm Eye Lift System

I really liked this when I first started using it and felt like it made a noticeable difference to my eyes but after a while, I stopped seeing results and my under eyes were looking a lot drier than I’d like.

Repurchase? Maybe, but not for a while

Bath & body


Soap & Glory Summer Scrubbin

I like Soap & Glory body scrubs but I’m not sure why they have so many? This one was nice enough but my fave is still the Sugar Crush one.

Repurchase? Maybe

Avon Naturals Strawberry Body Scrub

This is an old bottle that I’m not sure they make anymore but I wasn’t a fan anyway. The smell was sickly sweet and the product left me feely greasy and yuck.

Repurchase? No

Shay & Blue Black Tulip Fragrance

I got this in the M&S Advent Calendar and it was a really nice fragrance that I always got compliments about. A little stronger than what I normally wear but nice to have and one I would use again.

Repurchase? Not at full price but would wear again

Superdrug Mojito Bath & Shower Gel

I’ve used this before and it’s not my favourite but it’s cheap and smells nice enough.

Repurchase? Maybe

M&S Lemon & Lime Bubble Bath

I had another of these in my last empties and felt pretty much the same. This was nice but not worth the price.

Repurchase? No

Jack Wills Body Wash & Scrub

I try to keep minis like this for travel but I don’t really travel often enough to save them indefinitely and I wanted to clear some space for the new additions from Christmas!



L’Oreal Dream Lengths Hair Mask

I liked the shampoo and conditioner from this range but I was a bit disappointed with this. My hair felt nice and soft after using but seemed to look drier!

Repurchase? No

V05 High Volume Hairspray

I’ve had this hairspray for literally years because I rarely use it. It was nice enough and did the job but I’m just not really into haircare.

Repurchase? Maybe

Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo

I’ve gone through so many bottles of this stuff and can’t sing its praises enough if you suffer with any sort of flaky scalp problems like me.

Repurchase? Always

Masks & consumables


Skinfood Watermelon Sheet Mask

This really did smell like watermelon and my skin looked nice and felt soft after

Skinfood Salmon Sheet Mask

I didn’t notice anything amazing after using this mask but it’s supposed to make dry and dull skin look clearer and I didn’t really have either skin complaint at the time of using. My skin did look nice though!

PS…wipes x 2

I’ve grouped these together because I never really see much difference between Primark’s 3568686 different varieties of cleansing wipe. Nice enough, do the job but I only really use them for wiping up swatches etc.

PS…Round Cosmetic Pads

A cheap staple item for me. I love these and the larger oval pads too!

That’s everything I got through in December! Can’t wait to get started on my 2019 empties!

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