Revolution Re-Loaded Fundamental Palette Review

Revolution Re-Loaded palettes offer the best value for money when it comes to drugstore eyeshadow. Their latest addition to the family includes the Fundamental palette, which is what I’ll be reviewing for you today.


This comes in a standard plastic case with a clear lid and houses 15 eyeshadows inside. There’s no mirror or anything special about this; it’s identical to previously Re-Loaded palettes.



The Re-Loaded palettes retail for £4, which is unbeatable for the quality and number of shades you get IMO.


The Fundamental palette is a shimmer-lover’s dream, containing only three mattes and one satin shade and all the rest are shimmers. A couple of the shades are a crumbly, glitter-based formula that lack pigment compared to other shimmers so I think maybe they’re supposed to be eyeshadow toppers or something.

Even as a shimmer fan, I struggled to form a complete look with this and I’d need to use it either with a bronzer or something in my crease or alongside a full matte palette, which is something I personally can never be bothered to do.


If you’ve used Revolution palettes before and specifically other Reloaded palettes, you can expect the same sort of quality. Most of the shimmers feel very soft and buttery and the mattes blend well. They’re not the most amazing quality eyeshadows out there but they’re certainly not the worst and I’ve tried far worse formulas that are more expensive than this.


The wear time on these is also what I expected it to be- lasting until around the 5-hour mark with a primer underneath. Because it’s so shimmer-heavy, you can expect the intensity to fade a little.

Overall, this is a nice palette if you don’t already own these shades but I do kind of regret buying it just because I know it’s not one I’ll get much use out of. For £4 though, I still think these palettes are incredible value and well worth trying out.


Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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