Ofra Highlighter Beverly Hills Review

Ofra is a brand raved about for their highlighters and I have a mini in the shade Rodeo Drive that I love. So when I saw the multi highlighter Beverly Hills reduced to £15 on Beuty Bay, I knew I had to get it to review.



Ofra recently rebranded and repackaged their products and I have this highlighter in the new compact style. It’s a chunky square plastic case featuring a circular pan of product and a mirror inside. Because it’s a white matte plastic, it does tend to gather fingerprints and dirty marks easily. It looks more expensive than the previous packaging but it is on the chunkier side so I probably wouldn’t use it for travelling.



A full-size Ofra highlight will set you back £25 in the UK for 10g of product. That’s more product than the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors for less dollar (well, pounds in this case but that doesn’t sound as good) but still a highend price tag.


This is a multi highlight featuring five different shades that can be worn individually or mixed together. I don’t think these shades correspond to the single shades in Ofra’s collection but some of them look pretty similar because they cover all bases here with a bronzey shade, a gold, a cool toned pink, ice white and a peachy pink. Swatched below in order and then mixed together.


I actually really like how this looks mixed together but it does mix the colours up and makes the pan messy.


Ofra highlighters last about 8 hours on me before they start to fade. Because this is more metallic and not super glittery, it just fades a little in intensity rather than leaving a glitter trail behind.

Overall, the Ofra formula is definitely one of my faves and I’m glad to have this multicolour highlight in my collection.

Let me know your favourite highlighters in the comments!

Author: beautysirenblog

UK beauty blogger, writer, marketer, cosplayer and lover of sparkly things.

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