Huda Beauty Tantour Review

Two things I haven’t tried much of is cream bronzers/contour products and stuff from Huda Beauty, so when the Huda Beauty Tantour came out, I took the opportunity to try it out and review it for you.


Huda’s packaging is always very sleek and highend IMO and her Tantour is no exception, housed in a slim square compact with a twist-off lid. The product itself sits in a round plastic well with a stopper inside the lid. I do find the lid can be a bit tricky to get back on right if I’m in a rush but it looks nice.



Huda Beauty Tantour retails for £26 for 11g of product. Compared to other highend options like the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel cream bronzer which is £40 for 30g of product, you’re not getting a lot for your money with the Huda product.



I like to apply this either with a sponge or with a small dense brush. I start with a small amount of product on my brush and I just dab it and blend to define my face. Being a cream product, it blends effortlessly and it’s easy to build up but it is possible to go overboard with this and end up blending it into nothing.



I have Tatour in the shade Light, which is the perfect warm-toned shade for me. As you can expect from a product named Tatour, it’s the perfect mix between contour and bronzer.



Bronzing products are always the first to fade on me for some reason and this doesn’t seem to last out as long as blush and highlight etc, even when topped with powder bronzer.


Overall, if you like cream contour and cream bronzing products, I think you’ll like this but it’s not going to change your mind if you’re not a lover of cream products


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