ColourPop x Kathleen Lights So Jaded Palette Review

ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes are typically 9 or 12 pan palettes, so the release of this collaboration with popular YouTuber KathleenLights had me interested as soon as I saw that So Jaded boasted an impressive thirty shades.

So Jaded


Like previous 12-pan releases, the So Jaded palette comes in cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. The design on the front and inside is jewel-themed to match the name but there’s no mirror. While a palette this size could have accommodated a huge mirror, I’m not personally too bothered that they didn’t include one as it’s unlikely I’d ever travel with a larger palette. Also, what makes ColourPop palettes so great is that they’re magnetic, meaning you can pop out your favourite shades and put them in a smaller palette for convenience.



So Jaded retails for $39 from the ColourPop website. To my knowledge, this is exclusive to the ColourPop site which is beyond frustrating if you’re a UK customer like me. As a direct conversion, $39 is about £30 but you’re pretty much paying like for like pricing when you factor in the customs charges. I desperately wish CP would get a UK supplier but I think even if they did, you’d likely still be paying around the £39 mark for this. Even with all those shades, that’s getting towards highend level pricing for me. You get 0.9g per shadow in this one, except for the Suershock formula which is 1.4g, making it around the same cost per shadow as their previous releases.


With 30 shades to play with, there’s something for everyone in here including 14 matte shades, 13 metallics, 1 supershock shadow and 2 pressed glitters. I’m not a big fan of pressed glitters in palettes as I think they make things messy but I do appreciate the variety of formulas and colours in here. I think a lot of thought went into this on Kathleen’s part and the ColourPop eyeshadow formula has never let me down.


Some of the shades in here are unique to my collection and for me, this made it worth picking up. If you’re a really creative person, I think you’ll be able to create tons of different looks with this but I do find the amount of different shades kind of overwhelming and I struggle to put looks together.

Who should buy this palette?

If you’re new to eyeshadow or haven’t tried ColourPop’s formula before, I’d recommend picking up one of their smaller palettes first. If you’re already an eyeshadow pro, you’ll have no trouble creating gorgeous eye looks with the So Jaded Palette but I wouldn’t say it’s beginner-friendly just because there are so many options and you might not know where to start.

Overall, I think Kathleen did an incredible job with this palette and the colours in here are stunning. It definately adds something to my collection but I do find larger palettes overwhelming in general. As I said earlier, it’s easy to take these shadows out and put them in a smaller palette or combine with other palettes which is something I might do.

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