Barry M Hi Vis Water Activated Colour Review

I’ve been waiting to see a drugstore brand release cake liners so when Barry M launched these water activated pigments as part of their Hi Vis line, I was quick to pick them up to review.


The packaging is a pretty standard small circular plastic pot with a screw top lid. The product is solid inside and activates with water.


The Barry M Hi is Water Activated Colours retail for £4.99 in the UK for 10g of product. That’s the same quantity as the Suva Hydra Liners for reference.


I have the three shades that originally released. I have since seen an orange shade but I don’t have that one.

High Voltage- Pink

Trance- Blue

Wave Length- Purple


Barry M Hi Vis Swatches


You’ll see from the swatches that the water activated colours are quite vibrant and pigmented. You do need quite a lot of moisture to get the colour payoff but I just use water or setting spray and dip my brush in. With a small eyeliner brush, the colours apply nicely. I’ve only really tried them as eyeliner or around my eyes but I guess the idea is that you can use these anywhere like face paint.


In terms of staying time, these do seem to stick around where I put them and I haven’t had any issues with cracking. The problem I have with them is when it comes to removing as these do stain, probably due to how vibrant the pigments are. I haven’t used any other bright cake liners so I’m unsure if this is a common issue.

Overall, I’m glad I tried these but I can’t see that I’ll get much use out of them to be honest. If you’re looking for something like this from the drugstore, I do think they offer good value for money and great colours but be careful with staining.

Pick these up from Look Fantastic here (affiliate link)

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