Jouer Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette Review

Jouer released this blush duo as part of their rose gold collection. I believe this was a limited collection but this blush palette in the shade Bouquet is still available as far as I can tell so I thought it was still worth reviewing.


I mean…look at it! It’s stunning! Apart from the gorgeous pattern on the front, the heavy compact feels very sturdy and has a mirror inside along with the duo blush pans.



This blush palette retails for £25 in the UK for 11g of product. Jouer is obviously a high-end brand with high-end pricing but I think that’s fairly priced for two blush shades. You can also pick up the 8g mini version for £15 from Beauty Bay here (affiliate link) which I think is a great deal.



Marigold- is a shimmery rose gold 

Rose petal- is a paler pink with a subtle shimmer

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These are quite pigmented blushers and so they do kick up a bit of powder when I dip my brush in. Because of this, I prefer to apply with a fluffy blush brush and a light hand. The shimmer shade Marigold can emphasise texture on my skin if I apply too much, which always happens with shimmery products. 



Over my usual base makeup, the Jouer blushes last all day on me. Shimmer blushers usually leave a glitter trail on my cheeks by the end of the day but I don’t really notice that with these shades.

Overall, I think is a really pretty dual blush palette if you’re looking to try out some more highend cheek products. I love face palettes but I don’t tend to reach for duos like this too often so I would recommend the mini of this since 8g is still a great size for £15.

Author: beautysirenblog

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